Cockspur – C510 Mustang MSFS – Next Update Changelog Preview

The team of aircraft developers Cockspur detailed the list of the currently completed fixes and improvements that will be implemented in the next update of their business jet for MSFS, the C510 Mustang !

And it sounds like it could grow even more with the next tasks that they are still working on.

Engine Start Parameters:

  • Tuned starter speed
  • Tuned light-off and starter disengagement to happen at correct engine speeds.
  • Tuned ITT to produce a realistic peak and drop during startup.
  • Changed idle fuel flow to match observed values.
  • Engine Parameters:
  • Tuned relationship between N1 and N2 at all power settings.
  • Tuned N2 vs. fuel flow relationship to produce accurate fuel flow at all power settings
  • Tuned fuel flow vs. air density relationship to produce accurate fuel flows at various altitudes.
  • Tuned ITT for realistic values during start, at ground idle, and high-altitude cruise in standard atmospheric conditions.
  • Reworked fuel flow controller PIDs for better throttle behavior


  • Implemented a FADEC in WASM to control the throttle axis based on user’s throttle input.
  • Coded takeoff and climb throttle modes to closely match takeoff and climb N1 as specified in the AFM Performance section
  • Throttle mode output depends on engine anti-ice state, as defined by AFM Performance tables
  • FADEC correctly respects flight idle versus ground idle limitations, as defined in the AFM
  • Engine SYNC mode is modeled based on the AFM specifications
  • Adjusted the low-pass filter to be slightly more aggressive at filtering out controller jitter for hardware throttle axes.
  • Implemented new logic for FADEC engagement when the engine starter turns off. The previous version would overshoot ground idle N2 momentarily when the FADEC first engaged. The new version has very little overshoot in my testing.
  • Implemented new logic for flight idle when engine anti-ice is engaged. If engine anti-ice is on, the FADEC will set flight idle to 70% N2. If anti-ice is off, flight idle will be 56.8% N2.
  • Increased update frequency for the FADEC N1 target. The N1 target number displayed on the G1000 will change more often now. Not sure if this is more or less realistic.

G1000NXi Engine Gauges:

  • Implemented a FADEC mode indicator above the N1 gauge (T/O, CLB, CRU, along with the target N1 calculated by the FADEC). The mode display matches the real airplane. For example, when the landing gear is extended, the mode will switch to takeoff and display the takeoff N1 percentage in case of a go-around.
  • Tweaked the minimum and maximum value of N1 and ITT gauges to better match the appearance in videos of the Mustang.
  • Implemented new conditions to make the N2 readout white while the starter is engaged and green when the starter is off.
  • Changed the fuel quantity gauge to a double vertical to better match the aircraft.
  • Changed fuel quantity readout to pounds
  • Implemented new format for fuel quantity numbers to mimic the display on the aircraft.

New CAS Messages:

  • Implemented new CAS messages during the startup sequence. In the real aircraft, the generator is disengaged when the starter is active. The fuel pump will automatically engage during start. CAS messages for both are now implemented.
  • Changed the Pitot Heat CAS message to two separate messages, as in the real aircraft.
  • Implemented CAS messages for the CABIN DOOR and CARGO DOOR L-R as specified in the AFM.
  • Revised CAS messages for FUEL TRANSFER as defined in the AFM.
  • Implemented FUEL BOOST L/R message when fuel pumps are engaged.
  • Implemented SPD BRK EXTEND message when speed brake is extended.
  • Implemented FUEL LVL LO L-R messages when fuel quantity is below 170 lbs as specified in the AFM.
  • Enabled sound effect for this switch that was already present in the sound pack.

1. Engine Anti-Ice:

  • Fixed bug that caused wing/stab switch to move when engine anti-ice was turned on.
  • Implemented a simplified heat transfer model to simulate warm-up time of the engine nacelles under a wide range of engine speeds, temperatures, and airspeeds.

2. [06:01]

• Implemented advisory and caution CAS messages to alert the pilot when the nacelles are warming up or have taken too long to warm up.

Airframe (Wing and Stabilizer) De-Ice:

• Implemented new CAS messages for both manual and auto modes. In auto mode, a “SURFACE DEICE” message will periodically display every 2 minutes, as specified in the AFM (frequency at which the boots automatically inflate).

• Setting the airframe de-ice to either auto or manual will now enable the stall warning high mode (stall warning will sound at higher speeds to provide more safety margin in icing conditions). STALL WARN HI CAS message is also implemented.

Windshield Anti-Ice:

  • Changed switch animation from a three-position switch to a two-position switch.
  • Implemented self-test CAS messages when windshield anti-ice is initially turned on.

Pitot Heat:

• Changed switch animation from a two-position to a three-position switch. The third position resets the stall warning system back to normal (as long as the wing/stab deice is off). The switch is configured to spring back to the middle position after resetting the stall warning system. To the mustang pilots: is this accurate?

Stall Warning System:

• Aural stall warning now depends on aircraft weight, stall warning mode, and flap position. The stall warning will sound at 1.14 times the book stall speed.

Landing Gear Aural Warning:

• The landing gear warning now triggers under the correct conditions as specified in the AFM.

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