JustSim – Girona Costa-Brava LEGE P3D5

Discover the allure of Girona-Costa Brava Airport (LEGE) for Prepar3D v5 at SIMMARKET. Located in Catalonia, Spain, this international airport boasts a rich history and scenic charm. With over 150 square km of photo scenery, the airport’s surroundings come to life in stunning detail.

From meticulously textured terminal buildings to more than 5,500 manually placed autogen objects, every aspect of the airport is designed for realism. Dynamic lighting on the apron enhances night operations, while rain and glass reflections add authenticity to weather conditions. The airport is fully AI traffic compatible, ensuring a lively and bustling environment. With optimized performance and 3D grass, your flights will be smooth and immersive. Its compatibility with FTX Global openLC Europe and FTX Global Vector expands your flight simulation options.

Girona-Costa Brava Airport serves as an appealing alternative to Barcelona’s airport, located 92 km to the south. Travelers can easily reach Barcelona by bus, taxi, or train from Girona’s train station. This strategic location offers excellent transport links to Barcelona, the beautiful Costa Brava, and the captivating Pyrenees.

Enhance your flight simulation experience with this exceptional scenery for Prepar3D v5. Girona-Costa Brava Airport’s attention to detail, realistic visuals, and optimized performance promise an unforgettable journey. Don’t miss the chance to explore the region and enjoy the airport’s stunning features. Get your copy at SIMMARKET today and embark on an extraordinary flight adventure.

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