SamScene – South Korea Jeju RKPC MSFS

Are you ready for the beauty of Jeju Island in South Korea with Microsoft Flight Simulator and the add-on of SamScene that includes Jeju RKPC airport. This impressive scenery brings Jeju International Airport (RKPC) to life with a detailed terminal featuring interior elements and enchanting night effects, creating an immersive and realistic flight experience. It covers also the city down-town with custom buildings.

But the adventure doesn’t end at the airport; explore the heart of Jeju city center, complete with iconic landmarks like the Dream Tower Hotel (Grand Hyatt), Lotte City Hotel, Hotel RegentMarine, Ramada Jeju City Hall, and more, all meticulously recreated for a visually stunning journey. Prepare for breathtaking approaches with carefully designed lighthouses, shores, and other landmarks dotting the island’s approach route. The addition of Jeju cruise terminal buildings and the city stadium adds to the authenticity and charm of the surroundings. As you soar through the skies, marvel at the intricate details that bring the entire island to life. And the best part is, the developers are committed to ongoing improvement, promising to add even more landmarks to Jeju Island in future updates, ensuring that your virtual flying experiences remain fresh and exciting.

With SamScene – South Korea Jeju RKPC at SIMMARKET, your MSFS adventure takes you to new heights, from the bustling airport to the vibrant city center and beyond. Don’t hesitate to pick up this new and complete pack to expand your Asian destinations in MSFS with this feature-rich and continuously evolving scenery add-on.

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