Cessna Corvalis TTX is a beautiful, agile and fast aircraft. It is an exceptionally engineered aircraft and holds the record as the fastest fixed gear single engine aircraft ever manufactured. This makes it the top of its class and also a small piece of aviation history.  Today Sim Federation has brought this speed bird to MSFS world, with price €15.64 without VAT.

The TTx Model T240 measures 25 feet, 2 inches in length, stands 9 feet tall, and has a wingspan of 36 feet, 1 inch. It is powered by a twin-turbocharged Teledyne Continental TSIO-550-C piston engine that delivers up to 310 horsepower and turns a constant-speed 3-blade propeller. The aircraft has a range of 1,274 miles, a service ceiling of 25,000 feet above sea level, a climb rate of 1,500 feet per minute, and it cruises at 270 miles per hour.

The TTx Model T240 is widely hailed as an incredibly well-balanced aircraft that boasts excellent performance. It features composite construction, notably carbon fiber and Nomex, and has an advanced glass cockpit and side stick control. It uses a flight control system that prevents a number of hazards, including spins, spiral dives, overspeeding, and stalls.

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