iniBuilds A300-600 Development Update 2

The iniBuilds A300-600 is a flagship product for Microsoft Flight Simulator that will be another advanced airliner simulation. They already delivered for free the A310 (Microsoft sponsored the product for the 40th Anniversary Edition). This next product will be a payware product.

The developers have released a second development update. The update includes details of the 3D model and textures, which have been created with great attention to detail, as well as the systems and flight model that utilize the latest simulation techniques.

3D models & textures

  • Every detail of the exterior has been carefully recreated including the rivet, screw, gap between panels and shield using high definition decals to ensure no compromise on quality.
  • The cabin and cargo doors have been masterfully recreated and feature intricate animations that not only include the main access doors, but also reach down to the smallest access points and show their corresponding controls.
  • Even the smallest features are extremely detailed, such as the fully functional models of the nose gear interphone panel, external power panel and main cargo door control panel.
  • Authentic liveries emphasize each airline’s identity and are adorned with precise stencils and markings. The realistic weather effects reflect the actual wear and tear from the air.
  • The 3D model and textures of the aircraft model are highly acclaimed and touted as an outstanding work that will arouse viewers’ enthusiasm.

Systems & Flight model

  • CFD simulation of the aircraft’s wings and tail with feedback to the flight model.
  • Improved ground effect model thanks to CFD technology.
  • Accurate simulation of drag and engine thrust over the entire range of flight.
  • New car flight system developed from scratch.
  • New flight directors for more precise flight guidance.
  • New Autoland system with improved LOC and GS capabilities.
  • Rework of the AP control for smoother and more precise flight modes.
  • Improved LNAV system for complex SIDs and STARs.
  • Improved core system logic.
  • Intensive updates and refinements through in-house pilot testing.
  • According to IniBuilds, this will be the last development update before moving into final testing and preparation for release.

The iniBuilds A300-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is scheduled to be released in stages, with each stage bringing new features and updates. Here is a breakdown of each phase:

Release of Stage 1: GE Freighter & Passenger (v1.00) before the end of 2023.
This phase includes the release of the GE Freighter and Passenger variants of the A300-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Stage 1 hotfix before the end of 2023 (free update)
This phase contains a hotfix for all issues that may occur with the initial release of the GE Freighter and Passenger variants.
The hotfix will be a free update and is scheduled to be released before the end of 2023.

Stage 2 update: PW update, IDC addition and bug fixes in early 2024 (free update)
This phase includes the release of the A300-600 PW Freighter and Passenger variants for Microsoft Flight Simulator.
The update will also include an IDC panel update in the cockpit that will simulate full CPDLC & ACARS via Hoppie along with modern radio unit functionality.
This phase also includes bug fixes.
The update will be a free update and is scheduled to be released in early 2024.

Stage 3 update: EPIC mod variant (paid expansion) sometime in 2024
This phase includes the release of the GE/PW Freighter with EPIC Mod Cockpit and IDC.
The EPIC mod variant will be a paid expansion and is slated for release sometime in 2024.

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