Hangar Studios 713 – Ryan Navion B MSFS

Hangar Studios 713 presents the Ryan Navion B for Microsoft Flight Simulator, now available at SimMarket. This aircraft pays homage to North America’s post-war civilian aviation boom and offers an incredibly detailed and realistic experience.

With over 2 million meticulously modeled polygons and input from real pilots and owners, it’s designed to be an authentic representation of the Navion B. The aircraft features 10 highly detailed liveries, interactive cockpit elements, a comprehensive checklist, and a manual for guidance.

The Ryan Navion B boasts advanced simulation features such as a 260 HP Continental IO-520 fuel-injected engine, computational fluid dynamics, and custom instrument camera views for pre-flight inspections. It also offers stunning visual effects, including custom lighting and windshield effects. You can even open the canopy to enjoy the sounds of the outdoors. Avionics options include GNS430/530 GPS units with seamless integration, a realistic KAP140 Auto Pilot, and other essential instruments.

Furthermore, this aircraft is VR-enhanced, providing an immersive experience for virtual reality enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned virtual pilot or just beginning your flight simulation journey, the Ryan Navion B by Hangar Studios 713 offers a top-tier aviation experience that blends historical authenticity with cutting-edge technology. Experience the thrill of flying this classic aircraft today at SimMarket.

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