YouTube – Flying from Teuge (EHTE) to #Ærø (EKAE) #IFR

A dutch pilot who flew with his little daughter to Denmark. To a little airfield on the island of Ærø in the South of Denmark. Is there any scenery for MSFS ?

Here below his story. (There are some dutch words)

Just like the earlier visit to Cambridge, this is the kind of flying I enjoy the most. We had a beautiful weekend on the island of Ærø in the South of Denmark. Even before entering the Bremen FIR we got a ‘Direct Destination’ from Dutch Mil ATC. We flew on a friday afternoon and wanted to return on Saturday, but a front passed through that made me decide to fly back early on Sunday morning. This was taken into account when leaving as a ‘plan B’ option. The flight back was done low level VFR, because of the massive headwind. The island is very nice and really worth your while to visit. We stayed at the friendly Gravendal B&B. We rented a car at the airport, this is a must if you want to explore, but you need to call the airfield in advance to make arrangements.

The route as filed was: N0110VFR BADEX/N0120F050 IFR OLGER DCT SOFED/N0120F090 DCT
N125 EKERN M852 TUGDU VFR. As you can see in the video it was not flown as filed.

I rent the PH-VTB, a well kept C172 G1000 as a member of Vliegclub Teuge and I enjoy flying a mix of VFR and IFR flights to a variety of destinations within an hour or three flying from my homebase Teuge (EHTE). You can also check out my blog ( In Dutch but Google can help you with that…)

For filming I use GoPro 4’s (1080, 60 fps wide lens setting), a DJI Spark drone and an iPhone X. I edit with Adobe Premiere Pro and use for the music.

On a legal note: this video was edited for time and has no purpose other then to entertain.

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