Microsoft Flight Simulator -Sim Update 13 Beta Release Notes []

Yesterday Microsoft and ASOBO released a new version of Update SU13 . We remind you that only those who have agreed to enter the SU13 Beta are involved in this update!

We can see that Microsoft and ASOBO are working hard to update MSFS 2020 , Waiting know more about MSFS 2024 , we leave you to the changelog. If you want enter in the SU13 Beta release you need enable it via Xbox Insider Hub


If you are playing on PC, outdated packages in your community folder may have an unexpected impact on the title’s performance and behavior.
If you suffer from stability issues or long loading times, move your community package(s) to another folder before relaunching the title.

General Bug Fixes

  • Memory and stability improvements


  • Activity Menu percentage progression has been fixed


  • Fixed an issue where the VFR Map would not show heliports


Boeing 787-10 / Boeing 747-8i

  • Chase cam HUD HSI and selected altitude are now showing accurate data.

Ryan NYP “Spirit of St. Louis”

  • Fixed – Added hangar description and tooltips in Turkish and Korean.

Wright Flyer

  • Fixed – Added hangar description and tooltips in Turkish and Korean.


  • D’Urville Island (NZ) missing from the launch is now displayed in the sim
  • Fixed visual issues on water in Photogrammery cities on Xbox


  • Fixed – KJFK John F. Kennedy Airport – Added missing building collision at KJFK Airport.
  • Fixed – KDFW Dallas Fort Worth Airport – Added missing buildings airport perimeter.
  • Fixed – EIDL Donegal Airport – Large portion of the Apron missing.
  • Fixed – EIDL Donegal Airport – Lights at back of Terminal appear to be on but do not properly illuminate.
  • Fixed – EIDL Donegal Airport – Fuel Truck Ground Service does not properly connect to the aircraft.
  • Fixed – KSEA Seattle-Tacoma Airport – Terrain Cracks.

World Update 2 – USA

  • Fixed – Water below and around Rainbow Bridge has tiling, LOD popping and a stretched texture.
  • Fixed – Polygons on top of POI Half Dome in Yosemite Park.

World Update 4 – France & Benelux

  • Fixed – EHRD Rotterdam Airport – Duplicate Taxiway Signs.

World Update 8 – Iberia

  • Fixed – There is major LOD popping seen at Camp Nou.
  • Fixed – Major LOD popping occurs at the Santa Caterina Market POI.
  • Fixed – The 516 Arouca Portugal POI is missing collision in the wires.
  • Fixed – There is an invisible hitbox in the middle of the Vila Real Bridge.
  • Fixed – There is Z-Fighting present at the Torre Vasco da Gama POI.
  • Fixed – The “Myriad Hotel” sign is reversed and clipping into the building.
  • Fixed – Plaza de Espana in Seville POI is missing collision on some portions of the roof.
  • Fixed – Oceanario de Lisboa POI is missing collision on the wires and support beams on the roof.
  • Fixed – Major LOD popping occurs at Mezquita-Catedral de Cordoba.
  • Fixed – Salve Bridge POI is missing collision on the wires.
  • Fixed – There is a large chunk of terrain clipping into the west side of La Constitucion De 1812 bridge.
  • Fixed – La Constitucion De 1812 Bridge POI is missing collision on the wires.
  • Fixed – Guadiana International Bridge POI is missing collision on the wires.
  • Fixed – Estadio Do Dragao POI is missing collision on the beams on the stop of the Stadium.
  • Fixed – AI Traffic can be seen in areas near the El Capricho Villa POI they should not be.
  • Fixed – Vegetation can be seen clipping into the Alamillo Bridge POI.

World Update 9 – Italy & Malta

  • Fixed – TIN spike located next to Allianz Stadium POI.
  • Fixed – Terrain spike in water near Reggio di Calabria.
  • Fixed – Area 31 DEM has terrain spikes at (40.8887, 14.3047).

World Update 10 – USA

  • Fixed – Vegetation can be seen clipping into the Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park POI.
  • Fixed – Terrain displays LOD pop around Skydance Bridge.

World Update 12 – New Zealand

  • Fixed – Removed duplicate windsock in NZGS

World Update 13 – Oceania & Antarctica

  • Fixed – Adjusted position of AYGF airport marker
  • Fixed – Adjusted position of AYLK airport marker
  • Fixed – Adjusted LOD behaviour of NTTB airport buildings
  • Fixed – Excluded palm tree near RW17 end of PHKO airport
  • Fixed – Removed aircraft tail section baked into orthoimage near RW35 of PHKO airport
  • Fixed – Incorrect runway headings and start position of PHKO airport
  • Fixed – Reduced elevation steps introduced by the new high-res DEM for Hawaii of PHKO airport

40th Anniversary Edition / Sim Update 11

  • Fixed – VHHX Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport – Fixed an Open Hanger that the user cannot taxi inside.


  • Corrected an issue that could cause some mouse events to not properly be sent in VR mode while in instrument camera


  • SDK: Fixed an issue where a JS nearest airport search session would never return heliports
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