Aerosoft Tools – Preview Toolbar Pushback Pro

Some news from Aerosoft. A new tool for the MSFS pilot. A toolbar for the pushback. There will be a freeware and a pro version.

The news:

“We are pleased to announce a new product, Toolbar Pushback Pro, that will be released in the near future. Please note that all information here is preliminary, things can change a bit, and things can be added. This multiplatform tool (PC, MSFS Cloud, and Xbox) increases the realism when the aircraft is on the platform, waiting for departure.

Many of you will probably already know the freeware version of this program… just a quick look at the story behind it. The developer of the freeware version approached us and wanted to release a version on the marketplace and for the Xbox. We thought about a Pro Version with more Features but for a good price for the customers.

Since we are always happy to support freeware as well, it was important to us that the current version should continue to exist and that it should continue to receive functional updates.

As the freeware will still exist, everyone is free to decide whether it is worth their money or not. But especially for customers on the Xbox, it will be a big plus.”

Below is a list of the features of the Pro version compared to the Freeware version

Pushback (backward) – automatic mode
Towing (forward) – automatic mode 
Pushback Pre-Planning
Manual Pushback
Pushback Audio-(Legacy)✓(Wwise)
Xbox Support 
VR compatibility 
Compatibility with Add-On Airplanes
Several menu languages
Ground crew and pilot voices in different languages and accents 
Ground service, apron and aircraft controls
Visual feedback from the Tool 
Improved flow for time-critical virtual air traffic flights (e.g. VATSIM) 
Produkt Updates
Produkt Support 
Compatibility for seaplanes (*) 
New 3D Objects (*) 
Connectivity for Aerosoft VDGS (*) 

✓ = Available, — = Limited availability
(*) = Feature planned but will not be in the first release

As already written above, the freeware will continue to receive functional updates (e.g. after a Sim update), completely new features will no longer follow.

Other features that we are currently planning (but which will not be included in the first release) are e.g. Possibilities for seaplanes, new 3D objects and a connection to our VDGS.

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