This Career Mode has Thousands of Simmers Hooked

A Pilot’s Life – Chapter 2 allows you to simulate the career of a commercial airline pilot. Like any career, you will have to start from the bottom and fly your way to the top. Each flight will generate experience. And it’s not just flying. Your flight will be closely monitored and any mistakes will be retracted from your XP. The more experience you have the more doors will open for you on the aviation industry and that means a higher salary and access to fly more aircraft types.

This software features over 500 real airlines all over the globe. A Pilot’s Life – Chapter 2 is compatible with all the major flight simulators: MSFS / P3D / X-PLANE / FSX

You can also compete online with your friends to see who can climb the corporate ladder the fastest.

Get A PILOT’S LIFE – CHAPTER 2 now and you will have a purpose for your flights.

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