SXAirportDesign – KELP El Paso MSFS and KSAT San Antonio XP11/12

El Paso International Airport (KELP) for MSFS by SXAirportDesign is originally a transcontinental mail airport dating back to 1929, has evolved into a thriving gateway serving over 3 million passengers yearly. SXAirportDesign’s KELP for MSFS is a testament to their dedication to realism and detail. This rendition is a visual masterpiece, offering virtual pilots an authentic experience. With stunningly recreated buildings and ground textures featuring baked ambient occlusion, this airport feels truly lifelike. The inclusion of physically based rendering (PBR) textures elevates the visual quality even further, making every detail pop. The addition of 1-foot-per-pixel ortho-imagery for the airport’s surroundings ensures a seamless transition from the runway to the real world. Custom-made buildings in the vicinity of the airport contribute to a vibrant and immersive environment that extends beyond the airport boundaries.

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San Antonio International Airport (KSAT) for X-Plane 11/12 by SXAirportDesign

San Antonio International Airport (KSAT), the 6th busiest airport in Texas, serves as a crucial transportation hub. SXAirportDesign’s rendition of KSAT for X-Plane 11 and 12 captures the airport’s bustling atmosphere and modern upgrades. This comprehensive recreation covers the entire airport, including the newly upgraded car park and rental building. The addition of 1-foot-per-pixel seasonal photo scenery ensures that the airport remains dynamic and realistic, changing with the seasons. Custom night lighting transforms KSAT into a captivating spectacle during nighttime flights. Furthermore, the use of custom PBR ground textures and baked night lighting with ambient occlusion adds depth and realism to every aspect of the airport. SXAirportDesign’s KSAT is a testament to their commitment to providing an accurate and immersive experience for virtual pilots in the X-Plane simulator environment.

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