How to Find Crop Circles on Microsoft Flight Simulator

Today we will be hunting crop circles in Microsoft Flight Simulator. For this mission you will need an aircraft that is both low speed and highly maneuverable. We went with the Tiger Moth from Ants Airplanes.

The first crop circle (found by user zkd0s) is in the south of England, South-west of Warminster. Take off from EGME and fly north. Fly over the patch of forest and you should spot the crop circle on the light green fields.

The second crop circle (found by user Manu5Ahau) is in France. Taking off from LF78 you should make your way south to the Castle Haut-Koenigsburg. The crop circle is 2 nm south-east of your location as you can see in the picture.

The third crop circle (found by user Hotzoner) is also in England south of Aylesbury. Take off from EGWN and fly directly west with the town on your right wing. The circle is very close to the airport. This one seems much more man-made than the others and we won’t be able to post a full picture of it here, so you’ll have to fly there and find out.

The fourth crop circle (found by user psyrixx) is in the United States. For this one you wont even need to leave the airport. Start from 63CN and the circle is right next to the runway.

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