FREE : RKbridger – Long Island NY Bridges MSFS

FREE Add-on released on SIMMARKET : RKbridger offers a transformative experience for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) enthusiasts with its Long Island NY Bridges package. This pack replaces the uninspiring default bridges on the Atlantic side of Long Island, NY, rendering them in accurate architectural styles and dimensions with captivating night lighting. Not only do these bridges stand out as magnificent landmarks during your flights, but RKbridger also enhances the marinas in the area and models the iconic Robert Moses Water Tower.

Complementing the New York City bridges package by the same developer, RKbridger’s Long Island package seamlessly integrates into the MSFS world, delivering an immersive and realistic environment for virtual pilots. As a token of appreciation to the flight simulation community, this package is offered for free, showcasing the developers’ dedication and passion for creating a more authentic flying experience. With points of interest thoughtfully placed at the various bridges, users can explore and enjoy the region’s unique features, each bridge reflecting its own historical style and significance.

Download RKbridger – Long Island NY Bridges MSFS from SIMMARKET today to enhance your flight simulation adventures, whether you’re approaching JFK Airport or simply exploring the Atlantic side of Long Island. Elevate your MSFS experience with meticulously crafted bridges, improved marinas, and stunning night lighting, all designed to immerse you in the world of aviation like never before. Happy flying!

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