FlyTampa – Boston MSFS Update V1.6

FlyTampa has unveiled a substantial and FREE update V1.6, for their Boston Logan International Airport scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The highlight of this update is the modernization of Terminal E, colloquially known as the “Lipstick Terminal,” which now boasts an even more detailed and visually stunning representation. This enhancement significantly enhances the realism of arrivals and departures at Boston Logan International Airport.

Additionally, FlyTampa has improved their library assets, resulting in refined objects and elements throughout the airport, contributing to a more immersive and polished airport environment. Moreover, the update includes miscellaneous fixes and LOD performance tweaks, demonstrating FlyTampa’s unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional and true-to-life airport scenery.

FlyTampa’s dedication to excellence is palpable in this update, as they continue to set the standard for airport add-ons in MSFS. The modernization of Terminal E, coupled with updated libraries and various fixes, ensures that Boston Logan International Airport remains a top-choice destination for flight simulation enthusiasts.

V1.6 Update changelog :

  • Terminal E Modernization (lipstick Terminal)
  • Updated Libraries
  • Many misc fixes and LOD Performance tweaks
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