Horizon Simulations Airbus A321neo MOD updated to V2.1.0

Horizon Simulations just released their latest V2.1.0 MOD for LatinVFR A321 Neo aircraft. The core changes of the new version are:

  • Unified EFB for all variants
  • Fixed fuel page on the LR version showing incorrect fuel amount
  • EFB Payload page should now utilise payload manager correctly
  • Fixed fallback on NACF (non Airbus Cabin Flex) liveries, these should function correctly now
  • Corrected typo in aircraft.cfg for tail number – credit SunLight

The latest version also fixed invisible / poor strobe lights, corrected Drag and Lift Coefficient, updated Lift vs Angle of Attack table for correct pitch during the entire flight and replaced the EFB with new logo. You can download it here to enhance your LTVFR A321 Neo.

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