Northern Sky Studio – Petersburg James Johnson Airport [Alaska] MSFS

Thanks to the very talented Northern Sky Studio team, discover the remote beauty of Alaska with Petersburg James A Johnson Airport, now available on SIMMARKET for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This superb scenery leads us to a town accessible only by plane or boat, nestled on Mitkof Island along Alaska’s panhandle.

With a population of around 3,000 and a focus on commercial fishing and outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, Petersburg is a unique destination for both residents and tourists. The airport is a pivotal stop on Alaska Airlines’ Milk Run route, connecting remote communities and offering a lifeline to those not accessible by roads.

The Petersburg James A Johnson Airport scenery boasts unparalleled attention to detail. It features highly detailed replica airport buildings and vehicles, custom surroundings that immerse you in the Alaskan wilderness, and materials designed for full Physically Based Rendering (PBR) for stunning realism. Shading and occlusion effects, high-resolution textures, and efficient 3D models enhance the visual experience. Additionally, a custom orthophoto adds authenticity to both the airport and its surroundings, making it an essential addition to your virtual aviation adventures.

Embark on a unique flight experience through the heart of Alaska with the Milk Run route. Explore the rugged beauty of Petersburg and its surroundings as you navigate this vital circuit. Get ready for a captivating and immersive Alaskan adventure in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Grab your copy today and soar into the wilds of Alaska!

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