Decorate your default MSFS Boeing 787 cockpit with 4K textures with no impact on performance now! POLYSTORM3D released a highly realistic and detailed 787 cockpit texture set, which was carefully handcrafted with tremendous amount of details based on real 787 cockpit references, for the default AAU Working title Boeing 787 and other 787 MOD like Kuro 787-8.This pack also includes some fixes for default bugs with ambient occlusion mirrored in some places and even more.

Go and grab this texture pack with €11.50 excl. VAT. Check all four 5/5 reviews since it was released just one day ago.

Chris: 5/5 I play in VR and the cockpit is a much needed upgrade from the default. Changes are very noticeable. Love it thanks for your work. MUST HAVE PRODUCT.

Stevens: Must Have!!!! It’s night and day better than the default asobo cockpit. Looks like a payware level cockpit, almost as if it’s qaulitywings 787. If you can push for Ultra settings for textures you won’t regret it, my mind was blown! incredible addon, fps is great, I run 4k 3080 and i9 9700k. =)

Matej: I must say this is very nice, much nicer than default. Works with WT 787 ans Kuro’s freeware -8.

Christopher: Superb! Nice addition! Works and feels more high quality with these textures.

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