AirportSim – Dev Update #3 and New Demo v4

Features Preview

AirportSim’s third Development Update reveals a host of exciting features and mechanics in preparation for its official release on October 19th, 2023. The game has gone to great lengths to replicate the realism of baggage handling at major airports like Keflavik and Warsaw, requiring players to personally load and unload luggage from the cargo hold, adding depth to the ground handling experience. Safety measures have also been enhanced with the introduction of a bypass pin, ensuring aircraft security on the apron.

Passenger animations have been improved, offering a more immersive experience as passengers walk through beautifully animated gate doors. Additionally, players can now stack up to five cones and intuitively maneuver trolleys for more efficient operations. The introduction of fresh aircraft liveries and a scenario editor empowers players to personalize their airport management experience, while the ability to create custom liveries adds a personalized touch.

The vehicle-related mechanics have received significant attention, with a comprehensive pushback feature, intricate passenger handling procedures for stairs, shuttle buses, and jetways, and even the opportunity to take on the role of a marshaller guiding aircraft. These enhancements, along with features like the catering truck, Ground Power Units, and refueling, contribute to making AirportSim a highly immersive airport management simulation. Players can look forward to a rich and realistic gaming experience when AirportSim officially launches on October 19th, 2023.

Free Demo Updated Version 4

AirportSim’s New Demo v4 brings a host of updates and improvements to enhance the ground handling experience. Notably, the addition of translations in various languages, including Chinese, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish, broadens accessibility for players worldwide. Another significant change is the adjustment of the Communication Panel binding from TILDE to 1, making it more user-friendly for keyboard users. Several bug fixes have been implemented, addressing issues such as visibility problems, sound glitches, and UI adjustments. Moreover, optimizations have been made to improve performance, making the game smoother and more enjoyable for players. These updates demonstrate the developer’s commitment to refining the AirportSim experience for both new and seasoned players. Try out the new demo to explore these changes and enjoy a more immersive airport management simulation. For further information and community engagement, join the AirportSim Discord Channel.

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