Fun Of Flying – Khorramabad OICK Airport MSFS

Experience the thrill of flying at Khorramabad International Airport in MSFS ! Located in the scenic Lorestan province of Iran, this airport offers a breathtaking setting amidst the majestic Zagros mountains. The airport scenery is a masterpiece of precision craftsmanship, featuring meticulously designed 3D models for the airport’s key facilities, including the control tower, parking lot, and air rescue base.

Khorramabad Airport has been updated to reflect its current layout, ensuring an authentic flying experience. The runway, taxiway, and apron have all been faithfully recreated, providing pilots with a true-to-life representation of the airport.

Get ready for an exciting adventure. Enjoy challenging takeoffs and landings, explore the airport’s facilities, or simply take in the stunning Iranian landscape. This airport scenery adds a new level of excitement to Microsoft Flight Simulator and opens up new flight routes and experiences for all virtual aviators.

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