“Well, I can finally show you why we have been so quiet for three years. We’ve been steadily working on an all new way to create airplanes called “Accu-Sim 2.0”. Our long time customers know Accu-Sim well as it’s been powering our airplanes for over a decade. During that time we’ve learned a lot. While this new technology carries the same Accu-Sim name, this latest version was built brand new from a clean slate.

this words are from Scoot Gentile; president of A2A Simulations Inc, about last work of this company; Some features of this nice aicraft are:

A brand new external aerodynamics engine built with Accu-Sim 2.0 ‘Merlin’ technology

  • Remarkable performance accuracy based on operating A2A’s own Comanche 250, N6229P, over many years
  • Unparalleled aircraft feel, handling characteristics and trim behaviour based on extensive flight testing
  • A complete physics-based per-cylinder simulation of the Lycoming O-540-A internal combustion engine
  • Dynamic ground physics featuring true weight on wheels simulation, tyre side-loading and response to different surface types
  • Advanced turbulence system and subtle wing flex simulation which responds based on turbulence strength, ground bumps and fuel load
  • Sophisticated airframe vibration physics with unique ground roll and engine vibration-based effects
  • Authentic fuel system simulates fuel lines, primer, strainers and fuel contamination
  • Custom oil system with dynamic viscosity and contaminants that degrade and change the color of the oil
  • Advanced engine starter simulation that physically turns the engine through its compression cycle
  • Physics-driven sound environment featuring hundreds of dynamic sound effects
  • Beautifully-rendered external and internal modelling and texturing with subtle wear effects, dynamic aircraft registration decals and advanced animations.
  • Detailed JPI EDM 830 engine monitor with authentic displays and leaning procedures
  • Custom-coded Narco avionics stack with NCS812 COM/NAV/DME unit, Mark12E COM/NAV, AT150 transponder, CP 136 audio panel and 841 ADF receiver
  • Customisable integration of MSFS default/Working Title GNS 430W and 530W GPS units
  • Further integration options for PMS GTN 750 and TDS GTN 750Xi GPS systems
  • Century NSD-360A HIS with custom needle-smoothing physics
  • Advanced simulation of the S-TEC System 30 two axis autopilot
  • Beautiful night lighting implementation featuring multi-purpose dimmable and directable Type C-4A cockpit light, dimmable emissive indicator lamps and white and red lighting options.
  • Pilot’s tablet for intuitive interaction with, and management of your airplane
  • Interactive walkaround with many moving parts that can be grabbed, manipulated and inspected
  • Customisable persistent airplane with failure and wear simulation which can be adjusted and deactivated if desired
  • Graphical tablet engine analyser provides a detailed insight into the piston engine operation
  • Real time load manager with dynamic weight and balance indicator
  • Electrical system analyzer and circuit breaker functionality
  • Two naturally animated rear seat passengers and support for native MSFS avatars in the front seats
  • Fluid in-sim performance comparable with default aircraft of the same class
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