Headwind Simulations was excited to announce a significant change in their A330neo addon, which, as you know, is heavily based on the FlyByWire A32NX. In their latest update for A339X project, they were transitioning from using Leap Engine Data to Trent Engine Data. Although the transition is still a work in progress, and while this shift will bring more focus to fuel consumption, you will also see the Engine N3 parameter coming to life.

You can check the full changelog here:

  • chore: fix livery package workflow for staging builds
  • chore: copy wasm files of base a339x to acj339x
  • fix(model): better readable text decals in cockpit
  • fix(mcdu): annunciator light not illuminating
  • fix(sound): sound fixes
  • fix(fm): use station declination for radials
  • fix(sd): fix apu bleed pressure indication
  • fix(pfd): sizing of pitch trim messages
  • fix(payload): workaround broken gsx turnarounds and bus deboarding
  • fix(payload): misc payload fixes after refactor
  • refactor(efb): flyPad OS 3.2 Throttle Configuration Refactor
  • refactor(payload): phase 2 of rust payload, airframe and fuel module to enhanc…
  • feat(fadec): Add standalone A330 FADEC based on trent engine data b
  • feat(cond): air conditioning failures
  • feat(payload): flyPad OS 3.2 – multiple gate boarding when multiple b…
  • feat(payload): re-enable FBW sounds when using GSX
  • feat(efb): only redraw payload seat map when needed
  • feat(bleed): crossbleed starts and more
  • feat(sd): Add F units to Cond/CRZ page for cabin temps
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