Sydney Seaplane Base MSFS Preview

Ridvan Celik opened a thread about his new project of Sydney Seaplane Base and Surroundings on Many screenshots were shared since June this year. From the screenshots we can see Ridvan had finished the exterior and interior of the buildings. A lot of custom objects, such as counters, chairs, lights, sunshade, screens, static vehicles and local vegetation were created to improve the immersion. Ridvan also used low draw calls and LODs technologies to keep the performance. Although He didn’t mention the release date but we think it’s won’t be long to wait.

About Sydney Seaplane Base: In 1937, Imperial Airways had proposed to move all mail within the British Empire by air. One year later, 1938, Rose Bay was chosen as the ideal location for Australia’s first international airport for flying boats. Then a new terminal with slipway was built and 6 Short S23 ‘C’ Class Empire flying boats were delivered from England. Sydney Seaplanes started the operation at Rose Bay in 2005 with just a single de Haviland Beaver. Now they have 5 planes, including refurbished Beavers and turbo-prop Cessna Caravans. 27,000 passengers were served every year.

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