Fenix: Beautiful Pictures Console Over Block 2 Delay

Fenix Simulations checked in on their Discord server today to report on the delay of Block 2 for their A320 MSFS, which was supposed to come by the end of October…so today.

Here is a summary of the key points from the text:

The team regrets having to announce that Block 2 will not be released as originally planned by the end of October. The last month has been very labor-intensive, with many late nights and weekends, trying to make the deadline, but unfortunately some issues came up late in development that have prevented meeting the October timeframe.

The team understands this will cause frustration but asks that no abusive messages be sent to staff as it will not speed things up. Instead, some preview screenshots of Block 2 will be shared.

There are still some minor texture and decal issues being worked on due to a bug. So please ignore any missing decals/ornaments in the screenshots.

The new model brings numerous improvements that the team looks forward to detailing later. Today just some CFM screenshots are shown, so as not to spoil all the new features worked on.

The team continues to work hard to complete Block 2 as quickly as possible and appreciates everyone’s patience and understanding of the delay.

Along with this were a heap of screenshots testifying to the incredible level of detail we can expect.

The latest aircraft build continues the trend towards more physical realism and richness of detail. Every rivet, screw, fastener, latch and service door now has real shape and depth, along with various decals and panel markings. Subtle signs of wear and tear are present, as well as dirt washed out from seams and vents by airflow.

The landing gear has been completely rebuilt over 4 months to achieve a new level of accuracy. Comparison to current MSFS aircraft shows how detailed the new landing gear is.

The modelling of the forward fuselage section is more accurate, with cockpit windows that look less “crazy” according to Dave.

Viewed from below, the sharpness of the cabin window frames, fuselage details and markings immediately stands out. The cabin interior is now better fitted to the exterior windows, improving spatial depth.

Physically modelled panels and seams across the entire aircraft interact beautifully with lighting, surpassing what is possible with textures alone. All panel decals are now correct and present.

Dave didn’t want to share a certain angle, but here it is anyway.

Even though the release has shifted from this month, progress on the insane level of detail continues, consuming less VRAM and performing better than V1. The team keeps working hard to deliver this update to simmers as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and passion for this project with all its highs and lows.

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