Quick Reference Guide – Non-Towered ATC

Via the website from there is a free ‘Quick Reference Guide’ for in use with Non-Towered Airport Communications. It’s a clear guidance on what to say and when to say it as you maneuver for takeoffs, landings or pattern work. More a less for in real life, but perfect use for in the Flightsimulator.

  • Improves your radio skills when flying into and out of non-towered airports.
  • What to say and when to say it, with detailed illustrations.
  • Great for students, rusty pilots, and those who infrequently fly into non-towered airports. 
  • 20 page PDF format.

Illustrations, sidebars and helpful tips make this an indispensable resource for any pilot who appreciates the value of proper, precise communications. It’s ideal for students or rusty pilots, and a great review for those who seldom fly into uncontrolled airports.

Download Here.  (Format: 22 page PDF  2.3 meg.)

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