[Video] FranceVFR – Trailer of Riviera VFR MSFS and Paris VFR Airports MSFS – 4K by SIMMARKET

As the world of flight simulation continues to evolve, enthusiasts and virtual pilots are constantly seeking new experiences and breathtaking scenery to explore. For those who have a passion for flying over the beautiful landscapes of France, FranceVFR have two exciting additions for Microsoft Flight Simulator among their existing titles that promise to take your virtual flying adventures to new heights. In the latest trailer presented by SIMMARKET, we get a sneak peek at what FranceVFR’s Riviera VFR South-East MSFS and Paris VFR Airports MSFS have to offer.

FranceVFR – Paris VFR Airports MSFS, features summary :

  • – 23 detailed airports and airfields all over the Paris Ile-de-France region.
  • – Specific photo-realistic 3D buildings.
  • – Detailed ground markings.
  • – Realistic static flying club airplanes on all the platforms.
  • – Numerous animations and details.
  • – Vegetation reworked on the platform and its surroundings.
  • – Realistic night lighting.
  • – PDF Charts

FranceVFR – Riviera VFR South-East MSFS, features summary :

  • – 29 enhanced airports and airfields with photo-realistic 3D modeling for some of them.
  • – 4 large military airports added with photo-realistic ground texture.
  • – Detailed ground textures and markings.
  • – Realistic static flying club and/or military airplanes on all platforms.
  • – Reworked vegetation, numerous animated characters and accurate details on all platforms.
  • – Realistic night lighting.
  • – Photo-realistic areas reworked for 9 platforms
  • – Many photo-realistic areas added and perfectly integrated
  • – Main obstacles and VFR landmarks referenced by SIA (Aeronautical Information Servic) (about 400 obstacles and VFR lanmarks).
  • – Marinas and moorings with pleasure boats (about 150 sites) on the entire scenery.
  • – Numerous remarkable objects as VFR landmarks
  • – Numerous vehicules animations (TGV train, gliders, parachutists, helicopters, birds flights…).
  • – Electrical pylons network
  • – Roads and highways signs
  • – Railroad pylons
  • – Entire coastline cleaned of excess vegetation.
  • – Railroad and electrical networks cleaned of excess vegetation.

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