X-Plane 12.08 Beta Released

X-Plane 12.08 has arrived with a host of exciting new features and improvements that enhance the flight simulation experience. One of the key highlights is the significant engine model improvements, which make aircraft performance and behavior more realistic. Additionally, the landing gear physics have been enhanced with improvements in wheel inertia, weld modeling, and ABS revisions. This results in more accurate and responsive landing gear behavior during takeoff and landing, making for a more immersive flying experience.

A new fuel temperature model has been introduced in X-Plane 12.08, further increasing the realism of aircraft systems. Networking and Ex-Visual synchronization have been updated and various bugs have been fixed, ensuring a smoother multiplayer experience. Projector warping and blending have seen improvements, enhancing the visual quality of the simulation. Graphics bugs have been addressed, providing a more visually appealing environment for virtual pilots. Furthermore, ATC improvements and bug fixes have been implemented, making the air traffic control experience more reliable and realistic.

In the 12.08 beta version, a myriad of bug fixes have been implemented, addressing issues ranging from aircraft fuel transfer annunciations to graphical glitches. The update has also made it possible to put more than two engines on a helicopter, albeit with no physics changes, but rather a user interface tweak to clarify this feature. The update has also resolved a crash issue related to loading replay files and continuing flights. In addition to these fixes, support for the Yawman controller has been added, and various datarefs have been introduced or modified to improve the accuracy of certain aircraft systems. With these enhancements and bug fixes, X-Plane 12.08 offers an even more immersive and realistic flight simulation experience for aviation enthusiasts.

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