Exploring Iceland with the Tecnam P2006T

The new MSFS World Update XV has brought many new features to the Nordic Countries, including Iceland. We took the Tecnam P2006T and went exploring around the Island. Iceland has two bespoke airports: BIIS and BIAR that come free for MSFS users. However Keflavik, Iceland’s major airport is available as a scenery by MK Studios that is enjoying a 50% sale at the moment of writing this article. If you want to complete your Iceland collection, now is the perfect time to pick it up.

Although this World Update comes with 90 hand-made points of interest, it is Iceland’s natural landscape that takes the spotlight. There is something in the island’s shoreline that makes it mesmerizing to look at. There were no boring bits during our trip as our eyes were always locked outside the windows. We do recommend doing this flight with “real time” enabled as in the winter, the sun is always low on the horizon giving it “sunrise/sunset” vibes for the entire flight.

The passengers had a lot of fun in the back of the P2006T and we hope you have fun with this modern twin engine too.

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