Velocity Studios – Calicut International Airport For MSFS

Kozhikode, also known in English as Calicut, is a city along the Malabar Coast in the state of Kerala in India. Calicut International Airport ((IATA: CCJ, ICAO: VOCL) is the main avation gateway to this metropolitan area in Kerala.

The airport has a 10/28 tabletop runway, which means the runway located on the top of a plateau or hill with one or both ends adjacent to a steep precipice which drops into a deep gorge.

Velocity Studios released Calicut International Airport for MSFS today, featuring PBR textures, runway with navaids, high fidelity ground apron, full modeled ATC tower interior and semi-modeled terminal building interior.

With its international status granted in 2006, the airport has become a vital gateway, boasting a tabletop runway and serving as a base for Air India Express. The airport plays a significant role in facilitating international travel, particularly offering Hajj Pilgrimage services to Medina and Jeddah from Kerala.

This new scenery by Velocity Studios brings Calicut International Airport to life in the virtual realm with an array of impressive features. The attention to detail is evident through PBR textures on all models, ensuring a realistic and immersive visual experience. The runway is equipped with essential navigation aids, including ILS, VOR, and DME facilities. The high-fidelity ground apron markings and textures further enhance the authenticity of the airport environment. Additionally, the inclusion of modeled interiors for the ATC Tower and semi-modeled Terminal Building Interior adds an extra layer of realism to the simulation.

Velocity Studios has employed simInstaller technology, making the installation process seamless and user-friendly. This product is conveniently accessible through the SIMMARKET APP, providing a hassle-free way for aviation enthusiasts to enhance their Microsoft Flight Simulator experience. Whether you’re a virtual pilot exploring the Malabar region or a fan of intricately detailed airport sceneries, Calicut International Airport by Velocity Studios is a must-have addition to your virtual aviation collection.

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