Cera Simaircraft – Mi-17-V5 MSFS

Cera Simaircraft’s Mi-17V-5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is an exceptional helicopter, embodying versatility and power. With three distinct exterior models – Civil version, Armor protection, and Armor with weapon stores – this aircraft caters to various mission profiles. Its Klimov VK2500 engines, each delivering 2,700 hp, ensure robust performance. The Mi-17V-5 is not only a reliable transport helicopter but also excels in roles such as passenger transport, troop deployment, fire support, patrol, and search-and-rescue missions.

This detailed add-on features high-definition textures, full interior and exterior PBR materials, and a paint kit for customization. With 12 liveries and a fully clickable 3D virtual cockpit, the immersion is enhanced by a simulated Voice Warning System and immersive audio with realistic rotor sounds. The helicopter’s animations, including wipers, sliding doors, cargo ramp, hoist rescue, and more, contribute to a lifelike flying experience. The attention to detail extends to rain texture effects and a range of lights, making this Mi-17V-5 a standout in the MSFS helicopter simulation realm.

The comprehensive package includes essential documentation such as a paint kit in PSD files, checklists, emergency procedures, and quick start manuals. Pilots are reminded to manage throttle axes appropriately to avoid rotor power loss and maintain main rotor revolutions above 85%. Cera Simaircraft’s Mi-17V-5 brings a blend of realism and functionality to MSFS, making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking an authentic and engaging helicopter simulation experience. Aviators can explore the skies with confidence, knowing they have a true workhorse at their virtual fingertips.

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