Gudisim – Bajawa Soa Airport  (WATB) MSFS

Bajawa Soa Airport also known as “Bajawa, Turelelo-Soa Airport” (WATB) is an airport near Ruteng in Indonesia. Soa is located in a vital position and is an area that is developing quite rapidly. Soa is a fertile region surrounded by a series of high mountains, hills, and valleys. So the approach can be very nice. And maybe dangerous in the night. The high mountains surrounding the Soa region are Inelika, Ebulobo, and Matataka. Flying in and out of SOA airport is quite challenging, since pilot have to climb quickly to avoid the mountainous region. Gudisim has made a fantastic scenery for in MSFS. Specially for the price at simMarket. And for the destination it’s always nice to visit and explore the Indonesian Islands. See more of this scenery’s here. Highly recommended.


  • FPS Friendly
  • Detailed building ground etc
  • Accurate Sorroundings
  • PBR Texture
  • Updated AFCAD
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