MSFS Developer Live Stream November 2023

When 3 wise men appear in 3 rectangles, moderated by a female voice-over, then it’s time to hear again from the creators of the MSFS, who are constantly working hard to shape our wonderful favorite parallel world.

The panel consisted of

  • Jorg Neumann, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator,
  • Seb Wloch, CEO and co-founder of Asobo Studio,
  • and Martial Bossard, executive producer.

The following points were discussed during the stream:

  • A recap of Sim Update 13 was given,
  • hich included the introduction of the Famous Flyer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MU-2
  • and World Update 15: Nordics and Greenland.

And the Local Legend 13 – Saab B17A

Jorg Neumann mentioned the roadmap for Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2023. Originally it was planned to collaborate with the upcoming film Dune: Part Two, but due to delays in the film, the release of the accompanying DLC ​​was also postponed.

The first Q&A session covered topics such as achievements, missions, ATC and aircraft updates. It was mentioned that the iniBuilds A320 did not meet Microsoft’s stability standards during beta testing. Future updates for aircraft such as the ATR-72 have been mentioned as a possibility.

The upcoming Sim Update 14 will focus on stability, performance, memory improvements and fixing issues with specific aircraft. Improvements to ground handling and atmospheric lighting are also included.

The Famous Flyer 8, a Cessna 207 developed by Carenado, will be released soon.

The second Q&A session covered performance/installation and world & weather questions. The team is working on improvements to download speeds in Content Manager and resolving issues with suddenly changing pane tiles. Experimental work on the color correction of water was also discussed.

The next World Update will focus on the Caribbean region and include new digital elevation maps, aerial images, landmarks and customized airports.

The third Q&A session covered various questions from the community, including implementing historical weather data and updates to the current simulator ahead of the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

The ability to improve airports through the community will soon enter a testing phase.

The 2024 roadmap includes plans for new World Updates, City Updates, Local Legends and Sim Updates. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is also mentioned as a planned release for the following year.

The stream ended with a sneak peek of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, which showed an impressive image of the Grand Canyon. If someone could take a comparison picture with the current MSFS2020. Do you see any difference?

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