Christmas Challenge with OnAir – Airline Manager for MSFS XP P3D FSX – Prizes of PMDG SIMMARKET & Fenix

Embark on a festive aviation adventure with OnAir Airline Manager’s Christmas Challenge, spanning from November 22nd to December 24th. This unique mission invites virtual aviators to deliver healing vials to a sidelined Santa at Ivalo Airport, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Nordic countries featuring hand-crafted airports from MSFS World Updates 15. Pilots must handle the delicate cargo with utmost care, navigating the challenges of the season and showcasing their flying skills amidst the stunning landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned flight simmer or a tycoon enthusiast, this event promises an unforgettable experience blending traditional tycoon elements with the thrill of flight simulation.

OnAir Airline Manager caters to both flight simmers and tycoon enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of gameplay experiences. With a traditional tycoon setup incorporating skill trees and increasing difficulty levels, players start by renting a small aircraft and transporting goods to kickstart their airline. Flight simmers can take control of missions themselves, while those less inclined can hire a virtual pilot to handle the tasks. Real-time weather adds an extra layer of realism, encouraging players to check conditions before embarking on missions to avoid costly setbacks. To welcome new players, OnAir Airline Manager offers three starting modes – Route company, Charter company, and Industrial company – providing flexibility for players to choose their preferred entry point into the captivating world of airline management.

Participants in the Christmas Challenge not only get to enjoy the thrill of the mission but also have the chance to win fabulous prizes from esteemed partners such as PMDG, SIMMARKET, and Fenix Sim. Whether you’re aiming for the top of the leaderboard or simply looking to spread the warmth of the season through virtual skies, this event is open to all. Haven’t subscribed yet? OnAir Airline Manager welcomes newcomers with a Free 7-day Trial Subscription, allowing everyone to join in on the festive fun. So, gear up, take to the virtual skies, and let the Christmas Challenge unfold in the world of flight simulation and tycoon excitement.

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