Aerosoft – Paderborn X-Plane 12/11

Let’s go to the heart of Aerosoft’s roots with Paderborn XP, a meticulously crafted scenery for X-Plane 12/11 available on SIMMARKET. Aerosoft, founded in 1991, has its headquarters adjacent to the Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport in North-Rhinde Westphalia, making it an iconic location for aviation enthusiasts.

This scenery provides a highly detailed replica of the airport and its surroundings, featuring regional objects and utilizing custom mesh by Maps2Xplane. The airport serves as a gateway to Munich and ten popular Mediterranean holiday destinations, fostering a rich aviation experience.

Paderborn XP boasts a host of features, including high-resolution orthophotos for the airport and the Paderborn region, enhanced by bump maps for intricate details. The custom mesh, PBR ground textures adapted for XP12, and realistic HDR lighting create a visually stunning environment. Additionally, the scenery integrates seamlessly with X-Plane 12’s native seasons, eliminating the need for extra add-ons. The inclusion of animated elements, such as jetways, approach lights, wind turbines, and apron vehicles, further enhances the immersive experience, ensuring a dynamic and realistic depiction of the airport.

The attention to detail extends beyond the airport, covering Paderborn and Delbrück City with an extended orthophoto and 3D vegetation for a comprehensive regional experience. With all objects included and no additional add-ons required, Paderborn XP is a standalone package delivering a high-quality and authentic simulation of Aerosoft’s home airport, making it a must-have for X-Plane enthusiasts.

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