ToLiss – A340-600 X-Plane 12/11 Update v1.3

ToLiss, the renowned developer in the X-Plane flight simulation community, has unveiled a substantial update for its A340-600 aircraft, bringing the version to V1.3 (Build 1598). The latest release introduces a plethora of exciting features and enhancements, enriching the overall user experience. Notable additions include a cutting-edge in-cockpit printer, an array of new ground service vehicles like cargo loading, animated deicing, food trucks, and passenger stairs. The cockpit aesthetics have been revitalized with new textures, offering a more immersive feel. Moreover, pilots can now encounter new system failure modes such as Radio Altimeter faults and a detailed hydraulic overheat model, with a corresponding rework of the HYD ECAM.

The V1.3 update not only brings fresh features but also addresses various bugs and implements performance improvements. Among the bug fixes are enhancements to bleed pressure at cruise, improved altitude alert logic with the inclusion of the C chord and flashing frame, and refined managed speed profile during Go Around after reaching acceleration altitude. The update ensures smoother interactions, with popout windows now remaining visible in external views and an added option for Pilot Edge ATIS requests. Furthermore, the dependency on respective electrical busses for oil pressure indication validity has been incorporated, along with valuable information additions to the SD ELEC pages in the form of Shed and Land Recovery details.

ToLiss has once again demonstrated its commitment to delivering a high-quality flight simulation experience, refining and expanding its A340-600 aircraft with the V1.3 update in X-Plane 12/11. Pilots can anticipate an enriched cockpit environment, enhanced ground services, and an even more realistic simulation of various system failures, contributing to a more immersive and engaging flying experience in X-Plane 12/11. The meticulous attention to detail and continuous improvement showcased in this update solidifies ToLiss as a leading name in the flight simulation community.

Changelog v1.3 :

New features:

  • Added In-cockpit printer
  • Added new ground service vehicles: Cargo loading, animated deicing, Food trucks and passenger stairs
  • New cockpit textures
  • Added Radio Altimeter faults
  • Added new hydraulic overheat model, including HYD ECAM rework as required.
  • FADEC needs 2-3 seconds to power up
  • Popout windows now remain visible in external view
  • Added option to do Pilot Edge ATIS requests
  • Added dependency on respective electrical busses for oil press indication validity
  • Added Shed and Land Recovery information to SD ELEC pages.

Bug fixes:

  • Bug fixes:
  • Improved bleed pressure at cruise
  • Improved altitude alert logic (C chord and flashing frame)
  • Simbrief wind upload should work again. (Note that it extracts the data from the wind data field, not from the flight plan itself.)
  • Fixed managed speed profile in Go Around after acceleration altitude
  • Removed armed NAV mode when performing a TO without FDs.
  • Prevent overwriting of cruise waypoint wind data when reaching TOC or initiating S/Cs.
  • improved go around engagement logic, to all GA engagement also in climb phase.
  • Added 3s timeout when pressing the status page with status “NORMAL”.
  • Round metric FCU altitude on PFD to 10m
  • Improved logic for C-chord and altitude frame pulsing
  • Improved Flight Control Computer backup supply logics
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