AzurPoly – C160 Transall Update 1.2.1 and OV-10 Bronco Preview MSFS

In the ever-evolving world of flight simulation, Azurpoly continues to captivate aviation enthusiasts with its commitment to excellence and innovation. This week brings exciting developments with a significant update for the C160 Transall and a sneak peek into the upcoming OV-10 Bronco. Let’s dive into the details.

OV-10 Bronco MSFS Preview: A Glimpse into Excellence

The team at Azurpoly is leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of realism and authenticity. The 3D modeling and texturing of the OV-10 Bronco are nearing completion, promising an immersive experience for virtual pilots. What sets this aircraft apart is the ability for users to customize various models, including the distinctive glass dome found in the OV-10B variant.

In their quest to elevate the overall quality of each project, Azurpoly is incorporating a myriad of small features that breathe life into the aircraft. Animated antennas, reacting dynamically to relative wind and G-forces, contribute to the immersive environment. The fully animated canopy, complete with vibrations corresponding to the in-game surroundings, adds another layer of realism. Additionally, custom tire compression animations further enhance the aircraft’s authenticity.

The team is tight-lipped about additional features yet to be unveiled, keeping the community in suspense. However, the dedication to detail is evident, promising a truly remarkable virtual flying experience.

C160 Transall MSFS Update 1.2.1: Enhancements and Fixes

The C160 Transall received a substantial update with version 1.2.0, garnering positive feedback from the flight simulation community. Azurpoly acknowledges the invaluable input from users and is quick to address issues and implement improvements with the forthcoming 1.2.1 update.

Changelog (1.2.1):

  • Fixed wrong propeller settings leading to incorrect climb performance
  • Improved engine sounds with higher noise level
  • Fixed shifted flight plan line on EHSI map
  • Improved condition lever implementation to avoid unwanted cutoff
  • Fixed copilot window not opening
  • Select nearest waypoint by default on FMS
  • Fixed incorrect pitch trim indication on wheel trim
  • Fixed wrong ILS glideslope indication on HUD
  • Minor EHSI color changes
  • Added missing paintkit model with probe

Looking Ahead: Community Feedback and Future Updates

Azurpoly recognizes that the journey doesn’t end with this update. The team is actively considering feedback from the community to address both existing issues and incorporate new features. The commitment to continuous improvement is evident, with future updates already in the pipeline.

As aviation enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the OV-10 Bronco, Azurpoly remains at the forefront of the flight simulation landscape, setting new standards for realism and user experience. The fusion of cutting-edge technology and a passion for aviation ensures that Azurpoly’s creations soar to new heights in the virtual skies.

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