UK2000 Scenery – Santa Maria Airport SBSM MSFS

Discover the rich history and modern charm of Santa Maria Airport in Brazil with UK2000 Scenery‘s latest add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available on SIMMARKET. Dating back to its establishment in 1944 with collaboration from the United States Army, Santa Maria Airport has evolved into a dual-purpose facility, serving both civil and military aviation until 2015.

This beautiful scenery features two runways, including the impressive 8839′ Runway 11-29, and showcases the transition from the iconic C130 Hercules to the new Embraer KC390 transport/tanker aircraft. UK2000 Scenery’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the Santa Maria Airport add-on. From realistic ground markings and high-resolution ground images to stunning night effects, the scenery captures the essence of this Brazilian airfield. Internal tower and terminal details, PBR materials, and a comprehensive set of signs contribute to the immersive experience. The simInstaller technology ensures easy integration into Microsoft Flight Simulator, providing users with excellent frame rates and a seamless installation process.

Immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Santa Maria Airport with UK2000 Scenery’s MSFS add-on, available now on SIMMARKET. Whether you’re exploring the historical roots of the airport or enjoying the modern features, this add-on provides a true-to-life experience for virtual pilots. The picturesque Santa Maria Airport scenery offers a perfect blend of realism and performance in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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