Halua6683 – Zhuhai Jinwan (ZGSD) MSFS

A first ‘commercial’ scenery from Halua6683 for in MSFS. A Chinees scenery, Zhuhai Jinwan International Airport (ZGSD). It is located in Jinwan District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China. It is one of the major international airports in Zhuhai City. The airport was originally built as a small airport in 1995 and has undergone several expansions and renovations since then.

See more of his other scenery’s here via He is getting better and better, so the airport scenery “Zhuhai Jinwan International Airport” is for sale now on simMarket.


  • Model the T1 and T2 end points. The T1 end point is only modeled externally. Since the T2024 terminal was put into use in 2 years, we will continue to follow up and do a good job of internal modeling.
  • The ground lighting is enhanced, and a large number of customized lamps are used for airport decoration, which is close to reality. (Refer to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport of wfscenerystudio)
  • Model more than 90% of the buildings and objects in the airport, including Radar Hill next to the airport. Allows players of all versions to display all models normally at the airport.
  • Adopt domestic airport construction standards to build and fine-tune airport taxiway routes and a large number of guiding signs.
  • The airport comes with its own navigation data, and the model using the in-game navigation data can use the immigration procedures normally.
  • Players can be born in the South China Sea Rescue Team’s hangar (helipad), AVIC Plaza Industrial Plaza, air shows, and other places.
  • Installing the author’s GSX profile allows the trolley to start the aircraft correctly

See also the attentions on simMarket, for instance:

  • The covered bridge of this airport is temporarily a static model without docking animation. You can use the author’s GSX profile to pick up and drop off passengers normally. After technical learning, the covered bridge will move.
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