MK Studios – LEZL Sevilla Airport MSFS

Experience the bustling beauty of Sevilla Airport (LEZL) in exquisite detail with MK Studios‘ masterpiece for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available now on SIMMARKET. This sixth busiest inland airport in Spain comes to life with high-fidelity 3D modeling, capturing the essence of its dynamic atmosphere.

The airport serves as the main international gateway to Western Andalusia, boasting flight connections to 42 destinations across Europe and Northern Africa. With 7,544,473 passengers in 2019, Seville Airport is a vital hub, and MK Studios ensures that every detail, from the vibrant apron to the surrounding areas, is meticulously recreated for an immersive experience.

MK Studios’ rendition of LEZL features hand-corrected orthoimagery and a custom DEM mesh, providing a true-to-life representation of the airport’s topography. The full PBR texturing enhances the visual appeal, making every surface come alive with realism. The package includes the current ground layout as of 2022, reflecting the latest changes and developments at the airport. Whether you’re taking off or landing, the realistic night lighting adds another layer of authenticity to your simulation experience, capturing the essence of Seville Airport after dark.

Optimized to meet Microsoft’s standards for PC, MK Studios ensures that the Seville Airport scenery provides a smooth and enjoyable experience for all aviation enthusiasts. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this vibrant airport, complete with an Airbus factory and maintenance centers for Airbus and Ryanair. Elevate your virtual aviation adventures with MK Studios’ LEZL Sevilla Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available now on SIMMARKET.

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