Ants Airplanes – CAC Winjeel MSFS

Ants Airplanes presents the CAC Winjeel MSFS for simulation enthusiasts, now available on SIMMARKET. This meticulously crafted aircraft is a conversion from the FSX/P3D version, featuring enhanced graphics, detailed models, and full compatibility with the latest MSFS systems. The Winjeel, a two-three seat, low-wing, fixed undercarriage tail dragger, powered by a 450hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior radial engine, played a crucial role as the primary piston trainer for the Royal Australian Air Force from 1955 to 1975. Notably, during the Vietnam War, some Winjeels were modified for Forward Air Control (FAC) with a smoke grenade dispenser and improved communication equipment, though they were primarily used for training rather than combat.

Demo Video Engine Start in Hard Mode | QHD 1440p
Demo Video Spin and Recovery | QHD 1440p

This MSFS version of the Winjeel offers two basic models—Normal and Forward Air Control (FAC)—each available in vintage and modern variants. The package includes a pop-up tablet for user preferences and a simple autopilot, a pop-up GPS for navigation assistance, and persistent fuel and oil settings. With attention to realism, the aircraft incorporates features like three custom pilots, exterior sound mixing, and various engine starter and oil consumption settings. The historical significance of the Winjeel, its role in training, and the evolution of its design, including the shift from the intended R-795 Cicada engine to the Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior, contribute to the immersive experience provided by this MSFS add-on.

Designed based on VH-OPJ (serial no A85-429), operated by Classic Aero Adventure Flights, this version even reflects modifications to accommodate an additional seat, making it a four-seater aircraft. With 62 Winjeels produced from 1954 to 1958, and 30 currently registered, this aircraft holds a unique place in aviation history, and Ants Airplanes’ MSFS rendition allows users to explore its rich legacy in a highly detailed and realistic simulation environment.

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