BeyondATC – Introducing Offline Voices

Some more info about the quality of BeyondATC and the price of this product, read this article here. (Copy/Paste)

“This week we’re working to give you more control over your experience. We’ve not yet officially announced our pricing model as we want to make sure we get it totally right before we say anything publicly. But most likely, BeyondATC will have a base cost – this gives you the program itself and a good amount of Voice Time. Voice Time is a currency that allows you to use Standard and Premium model voices. Every time BeyondATC generates a voice, this costs money, and as such each request will subtract a bit of value from your total Voice Time. Standard uses up a little where as Premium uses up more than Standard.

This caused a lot of colorful discussion in the main channel – some people don’t care at all about voice quality and wanted a free voice option. Many cared a lot about voice quality, but the community seemed divided. Many asked us if we can include Windows SAPI voices as a free alternative to our AI-based high quality voices. To us, this was a step backwards. We feel flight sim has moved past these very low quality voices and we simply need something more. But this left the lingering question – how can we provide a free-cost voice to users that simply don’t care about voices and just want to experience the program.

Well, after a lot of searching, we are very excited to announce we will be offering an offline voice option. This voice is generated offline, locally on the user’s machine, meaning it incurs zero cost. As expected, this voice is of much lower quality than the neural-based AI voices, but it is a huge step above MS David.

Ultimately, this means if you do not want to use AI voices (besides the free amount that comes with the program) you will never have to pay another cent for BeyondATC beyond the initial price! Here’s a video of all three voice tiers in action. Please bear in mind offline voices (Basic) are limited to US and UK accents.

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