fsXtimes – Saitek Instrument Panel Gauges

There are some new gauges for the Saitek Instrument Panel hardware users. These new gauges are available via the website from fsXtimes.

  • The Engine Indication System (EIS) for the C172-G1000 is now ready.  It is the first of a series of similar EIS being developed for different aircraft. See image above.

  • The Engine Indication System (EIS) for the C208B EX Grand Caravan has been completed and it is the second product in the EIS series under development.

Feature-wise, it has included all the essential components from the original panel on the aircraft and works as is designed.

However, due to FIP limitations, adding the Maximum Cruise Torque Bug to the Torque Indicator is not possible.  Similarly, Redline Warnings for Torque performance, likewise, is only available under 4,000 feet.

Nevertheless, the green bar and red line of the Torque indicator will still be dynamically changing according to aircraft altitude up to 24,000 feet.

  • The Engine Indication System (EIS) for the G36 Bonanza is the third of the EIS series.

It’s a very nice supplement to the existing G36 gauges which was developed more than two years ago for FIP users.

In the layout, digital values of all component are included so as to enhance their visibility when more accurate data information is immediately needed.

  • And if you just want some easy and clear instruments, please have a look at this developer:
    AeroSachs. He made some very nice gauges, special for the Tecnam P92 Ultralight (MSFS).
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