iniBuilds – A300-600 for MSFS in the starting block – Preview

The flightsim community has been eagerly anticipating the release of the iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the excitement is reaching new heights with the official trailer and a sneak peek into the upcoming features. In the latest development update #3, iniBuilds provides a glimpse into the meticulous work done by their team, offering aviation enthusiasts an immersive and authentic experience in the virtual skies. Before its release soon at, let’s dive into the features and release plan details of the developers team.

Official Trailer

Project Timeline and Expectations

The development team at iniBuilds has been tirelessly refining the A300-600 project, and a revised schedule now outlines the stages leading up to the full release. The Version 1.0 product is slated to launch before the end of 2023, promising a comprehensive list of features that will undoubtedly elevate the flight simulation experience.

Following the initial release, Stage 1 will introduce a hotfix in January 2024, addressing any immediate concerns and optimizing the A300-600 for both PC and Xbox platforms. Stage 2, set for Q1 2024, brings exciting additions, including the Pratt & Whitney Engine variant and a full CPDLC/ACARS simulation. Stage 3, an EPIC Mod variant (available as a paid expansion) is expected to make its debut in late 2024.

Version 1.0 Features Highlights

Authentic Systems: The A300-600 for MSFS boasts an intricate and realistic system simulation. A custom Flight Management System (FMS) with advanced features such as SIDs, STARs, SEC flight plans, VNAV, LNAV, altitude and speed constraints, and holds. The unique A300-600R trim tank functionality, realistic RNAV and autoland capability, and custom maintenance functions, including engine oil levels and tire wear, contribute to an unparalleled immersive experience.

Outstanding Visual Fidelity: Visual fidelity is a top priority for iniBuilds. The A300-600R features new and optimized PBR textures up to 8K quality, ensuring stunning visuals. The cockpit and exterior models have undergone a rework, with a keen attention to detail on the passenger and freighter variants. Easter eggs and maintenance options add to the visual appeal, making each flight a visual treat.

Immersive Sounds: The authentic WWise soundset captures the essence of the CF6 engines, with a dynamic “Buzzsaw” sound that adjusts based on N1. The advanced implementation of sound environments for the exterior, cabin, and cockpit further enhances the immersive audio experience.

Additional Features: The iniBuilds A300-600 comes with a host of additional features, including pre-set cargo loads, a basic ground handling set, a feature-rich Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) with Navigraph and SimBrief integration, and panel state functionality. Notably, Fally Blocks, a cherished feature among aviation enthusiasts, adds an extra layer of realism to the simulation.

Looking Ahead

As the iniBuilds team gears up for the official release, aviation enthusiasts can anticipate introduction videos, a variety of liveries.

In conclusion, the iniBuilds A300-600 for MSFS is shaping up to be a labor of love for the development team. With its authentic systems, outstanding visual fidelity, immersive sounds, and additional features, it is poised to set a new standard for realism in the virtual skies. Stay tuned for more updates as the iniBuilds team continues to refine and perfect this aviation masterpiece. This product will be released shortly at

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Jeff Berry
Jeff Berry
5 months ago

Anyone know how to get rid of the slides once they deploy?

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