We Took the Nardi Riviera for an Epic Journey Through Brittany

We took the Nardi Riviera for an epic journey through Brittany. Brittany is a beautiful peninsula in northwestern France, known for its rugged coastline, charming towns, and rich Celtic heritage. It’s a popular destination for those seeking seaside adventures and cultural immersion making it a truly distinct region of France.

We took off from the island of Ouessant and made our way east following the shoreline. The area is beautiful and you’re able to spot some of the lighthouses that guide the heavy maritime traffic of the region.

We were, however, more excited to visit the Cairn of Barnenez. The Cairn of Barnenez, also known as Barnenez Dolmen, is a Neolithic monument located near Plouezoc’h, in northern Finistère, Brittany, France. It is the oldest known example of a passage grave in Brittany, and one of the oldest in Europe. The cairn dates to the early Neolithic, about 4800 BC. Making it even older than the Nardi Riviera we were flying! It is made up of over 3,000 stones, and is one of the largest megalithic monuments in the world.1

This region is worth a visit on MSFS especially in a reliable amphibious aircraft such as the Nardi FN-333 that you can find on SimMarket.

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