GTN 750 – Release v2.2.13

The PMS50 software for the GTN 750 has a update to version v2.2.13.

Release v.2.2.12

  • Bugfix: WTT mode: the displayed path for CF leg types was sometimes wrong.
  • Bugfix: toolbar panel display issues in VR when the panel size is high.
  • Bugfix: the bingmap roads map was not selectable in the previous version.
  • Bugfix: a direct to the first waypoint of a VTF approach was making the approach not work correctly.
  • Bugfix: with the Asobo flight planner, the direct To arrow was not displayed in the approach sequence.

Release v2.2.13

  • Bugfix: WTT mode external: the instrument may be unresponsive when connected to the WT GNS530. This issue happens only in v2.2.12.

For more information about this software for the GTN 750 see the website PMS50. There is a free version, with less possibility’s and a full working version.

And they are very pleased to announce a new aircraft in the GTN750 family: The SWS Pilatus PC-12. See also picture from the cockpit above.

And for Stream Deck users there is a very helpfully Software Interface from Flight Panels. Or you can go for the hardware version from RealSim Gear:

It’s your choice.

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