MK Studios – Montreal and Ponta Delgada Updated in MSFS

Montreal v1.2.1 – Enhancing the Gateway to the North

Montreal, a bustling metropolis and a key aviation hub, has received a thorough update with version 1.2.1. The changes include:

  1. Closed Runway Conversion: The closed runway has been ingeniously transformed into a taxiway (Taxiway C), adding a dynamic element to the airport layout and enhancing the overall authenticity.
  2. AFCAD Gate and Parking Size Fixes: MK Studios has diligently addressed issues with AFCAD (Airport/Facility Directory) gate and parking sizes, ensuring that virtual pilots encounter a smoother and more accurate parking experience.
  3. Parking 32 Compatibility Fix: Users of GSX (Ground Services X) will be pleased to know that potential crashes related to Parking 32 have been resolved, contributing to a more seamless ground handling experience.
  4. Airline Codes Added to Gates: To further enhance the realism, MK Studios has incorporated airline codes to gates, allowing users to easily identify and navigate through the airport’s bustling terminals.
  5. VDGS Module Performance Update: The Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) module has undergone a performance update, addressing any previous issues and ensuring optimal functionality for a more realistic docking experience.

Ponta Delgada v1.3.1 – A Refreshed Azorean Gateway

Ponta Delgada, located in the picturesque Azores archipelago, has received its own set of updates with version 1.3.1. The changes include:

  1. Oil Tanks Removal: Aesthetic improvements have been made with the removal of oil tanks, providing a cleaner and more accurate representation of the real airport environment.
  2. Mesh Fixes: MK Studios has implemented mesh fixes to enhance the topographical accuracy of the scenery, ensuring a more realistic representation of the terrain around Ponta Delgada.
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