Zivko Edge 540 is the New American High-Performance Aircraft for MSFS

The Zivko Edge 540 is a high-performance aerobatic airplane designed and built by Zivko Aeronautics of Oklahoma. It is considered one of the most advanced and capable aerobatic airplanes in the world, and has been used to win numerous championships.

Now LIVTOAIR has brought this plane to MSFS and it features:

  • High quality 3d model + textures
  • 3 variants:
    • Regular – No Winglets for aerobatics
    • SW – Small Winglets for aerobatics and racing
    • W – Large Winglets for racing
  • 8 Liveries for each variant
  • Working Circuit Breakers Panel
  • Prop Strike animation
  • Canopy Eject animation
  • 2 cockpit configurations: Racing & Aerobatics
  • Best Aerobatic flight model for the sim
  • Smoke with multiplayer support
  • Phone EFB

If you’re a fan of high performance aircraft, don’t miss out on this hight quality addon.

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