Verticalsim – KONT Ontario X-Plane 12 and KTPA Tampa MSFS Update 1.5

We invite you to fly to the stunning US airport of Verticalsim – KONT Ontario for X-Plane 12, an excellent airport that offers a refreshing alternative to the heavy traffic of LAX. This scenery brings to life the vibrant atmosphere of Ontario International Airport (KONT), a major cargo hub on the West Coast, catering to the likes of the MD-11 and A300 from UPS and FedEx.

With accurate cargo ramps, a 2023 airport layout, and an impressive array of both domestic and international airlines, KONT stands out as a key player in daily airport operations, making it an essential destination for your West Coast flights.

Immerse yourself in the detailed features of this XP12 upgrade, including brand new weather maps, HDR lighting, PBR on nearly all materials, and the utilization of LODs for optimization. The addition of SAM Jetways and AI traffic routing enhances the overall realism, while moving vehicle traffic adds dynamic movement to the airport environment. For those who previously purchased Verticalsim’s KONT for XP11 on simMarket, enjoy a special upgrade price of EUR 5.00 (+VAT), ensuring you get the most out of this enhanced and visually striking rendition of Ontario International Airport. Buy the new version of Verticalsim – KONT Ontario XP12 here at SIMMARKET.

Verticalsim – KTPA Tampa Florida MSFS Update 1.5

Thanks to Verticalsim’s latest update, version 1.5, for KTPA Tampa Florida in Microsoft Flight Simulator, this add-on reflects a commitment to excellence, featuring optimizations exported with the latest SDK to enhance overall performance. The LOD adjustments on cars, removal of the AMZ 767 (relocated to KLAL), and fixed taxilines curves contribute to a more polished and realistic environment. Moreover, meticulous attention has been given to the finer details, ensuring that jetways now seamlessly dock with PMDG aircraft, drainage ditches are rectified, and terrain irregularities near the cargo ramp are addressed. Notably, the update includes a significant VRAM usage reduction for improved FPS, coupled with a thorough redo of major ground textures. Elevate your virtual aviation experience with these enhancements, showcasing Verticalsim’s dedication to providing a top-tier simulation environment at KTPA Tampa Florida in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Changelog Update v1.5

  • Exported with latest SDK
  • Changed LOD on cars
  • Removed AMZ 767 (AMZ moved to KLAL)
  • Fixed taxilines curves
  • Jetway now docks better with PMDG
  • Fixed drainage ditches
  • Lowered VRAM usage for higher FPS
  • Redo of major ground textures
  • Fixed terrain near cargo ramp
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