Jetstream Designs – Milan Linate MSFS Update V1.2

Jetstream Designs has recently released a significant update version 1.2 for Milan Linate LIML in Microsoft Flight Simulator, marking another stride in enhancing their collection of European sceneries. Following the major updates to sceneries like Paris Orly LFPO and Nantes LFRS, as well as various Italian Airports Bundle, Milan Linate has now received its version 1.2 update. It brings several improvements and enhancements to the airport, offering a more realistic and immersive experience for virtual pilots.

Notably, the runway numbers have been changed from 18/36 to 17/35, aligning the simulation with real-world changes. Additionally, the update addresses specific details within the scenery, such as the removal of a temporary building in front of the terminal. Furthermore, the developers have introduced new gates and jetways (4 & 5), enhancing the overall functionality and accuracy of the airport layout. The update is offered as a free download for registered customers, showcasing Jetstream Designs’ commitment to providing ongoing support and improvements to their products.

Customers are encouraged to update their files to V1.2.0. Moreover, Jetstream Designs has plans to release the updated P3D version of Milan Linate in January as well, extending the improvements to users across different flight simulation platforms. The changelog reflects a dedication to detail, with various small fixes contributing to a more polished and authentic virtual representation of Milan Linate Airport in MSFS.

Changelog LIML Milan Linate MSFS update v1.2 :

  • Changed runway numbers from 18/36 to 17/35
  • Removed temporary building in front of the terminal
  • New gates + jetways 4 & 5 added
  • Several other small fixes

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