SimWorks Studios Talks About Their Next MSFS Projects

SWS is working on bringing the GippsAero GA-8 Airvan to MSFS. This add-on is, at this time, being worked on the developer’s assembly line after the very successful release of the Pilatus PC-12. The exterior model of the GA-8 is now complete and the work on the cockpit is “well underway” according to the dev’s post on Facebook. The aircraft will feature a non-turbocharged version of the IO-540 and will come with passenger and cargo versions. Since the flight model and engine coding for the GA-8 are nearly finished we can expect the add-on to be released fairly quickly.

GippsAero GA-8 Airvan Is an Australian single engine aircraft that entered service in 2000. Several hundred units have been manufactured and delivered to customers around the world.1

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However, even closer to release is the Vans RV-8. It is “visually done” and RV-8 pilots are already testing the addon. At this stage SWS is working on crushing the final bugs prior to release. SWS has got plenty of experience with Vans aircraft having released the RV-10 and RV-14. You can find all SWS addons here.

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