iniBuilds – Xometry Harrisburg KMDT MSFS

Experience the immersive charm of Harrisburg International Airport with the stunning scenery provided by iniBuilds’ Xometry Harrisburg KMDT for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available now on SIMMARKET. This is a quality airport scenery, located in Middletown, Pennsylvania, just nine miles southeast of Harrisburg, that stands as the third-busiest airport in the state, following Philadelphia International Airport and Pittsburgh International Airport. Boasting a single runway, KMDT serves as a key hub for major US airlines, facilitating regular connections to major destinations like Charlotte, Chicago O’Hare, Detroit, Newark, Atlanta, and Orlando.

The detailed rendition of KMDT by iniBuilds captures the essence of Harrisburg International Airport with precision. The package includes high-resolution ground textures, detailed buildings, and PBR (Physically Based Rendering) normal maps for a realistic visual experience. Additionally, the scenery incorporates authentic wear, tar, cracks, and stains, along with custom mesh, night lighting, and accurately placed 3D vegetation such as grass, bushes, and trees. The airport’s east end hosts major air cargo carriers like FedEx, UPS, and DHL, ensuring a bustling atmosphere with daily connections to their respective cargo hubs.

With SIMMARKET simInstaller technology, acquiring and installing this product is seamless and user-friendly. The Xometry Harrisburg KMDT scenery for MSFS by iniBuilds promises a captivating flight simulation experience, delivering a faithful representation of Harrisburg International Airport’s unique characteristics and operational dynamics.

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